Welcome to my blog!

To me, a life shared is a life well-lived.


First, a little bit about myself. I am a fraternal twin, college student, and avid distance runner. Nowadays politics both fascinates and frightens me (perhaps that’s why I chose it as my major!).

Writing inspires me to reach those spaces in my mind I don’t often visit. Initially, the practice was a way for me to sort out my feelings after being diagnosed with several mental health conditions in the fall of my freshman year. Though I was lucky enough to receive the support of several close family members and friends, I understand all too well the stigma behind mental illness. It’s the kind of stigma that often results in clenched fists and more than a few heavy sighs, but it’s opened my eyes not just to how far we must come, but what we’ve accomplished in the present.

I began journaling my experiences with college life, mental illness, and balancing the two. Thus, my fascination with words (my username, uhtceare, is an Old English word referring to “worry before dawn”) developed. Right now, uhtceare describes where I am to a T. Though others have told me these next few years will be the prime of my life, that “pre-dawn anxiety” is at the forefront.

To me, a life shared is a life well-lived. I revel in the anonymity that comes with a blog, because I can be open and honest in a way that doesn’t always come naturally beyond the computer screen.

In this blog, I hope to include the outlets I’ve found useful for managing mental health issues and some insights on life. My own is not particularly extraordinary, but I believe each one of us has moments that are truly on “the low end of normal.”